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General Cycle Refrigeration and Air Con Trainer

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9626

The trainer is a completely self contained and fully operational unit that contains the basic component

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Absorption Refrigeration Trainer

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9627

They are also useful in remote locations far away from the common availability of electricity

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General Cycle Air Con Trainer with Reverse Cycle

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9628

The reverse cycle process is a key element in heat pumps and is also a technique used

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Build Up Trainer

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9629

Included are all necessary materials required in order to make a complete operational refrigeration

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Visual Refrigeration Trainer

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9630

The trainer contains the basic components found in many refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

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Freezer Demonstrator Trainer

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9631

The original cabinets are supplied with many of the key components laid out beside the unit

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Domestic Refrigeration and Freezer Trainer

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9632

This trainer is made from an actual large domestic refrigerator-freezer and is ideal for exploring

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Domestic Air Conditioning Trainer

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9633

The trainer is a fully operational unit that contains all the basic components as found on domestic

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Split Air Conditioner Trainer

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9634

These trainers are beautifully designed for classroom instruction so the student can learn about operational

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Air Conditioner Practice Unit

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9635

The students are practicing installation and servicing exercises such as evacuation

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Commercial Industrial Refrigeration Trainer

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9636

It covers principles, components and operation of commercial refrigerators, freezers

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Industrial Refrigeration Trainer

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9637

Applications are explored for units that utilize multiple evaporators, water-cooled condensers, water towers

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Multipurpose Heat Pump Trainer

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9638

The trainer can simulate the use of a heat pump in either winter or summer sessions, depending on the cycle

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Commercial Air Conditioning Trainers

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9639

These systems are used to generate cooled air or water that can be used in a variety of applications

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Centrifugal Fan Air and Ducting Trainer

Product Code : JA-ACAR-9640

It consists of a multipurpose air duct mounted on a trolley fitted with a centrifugal fan.

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